Art of Essential Riding

When we sit on the back of a sensitive being such as horse our thoughts, our body, how we direct our attention, what we feel, our intentions, our breath, our energy, it is all communication to the horse.  All this together we call our body language. Which is in fact our primary and essential communication vehicle with the horse. The more we become aware of our own body, mind and energy, the more we can truly connect with the horse and riding becomes an flowing dialogue of mindfulness in movement.

In the riding lessons, we learn to be soft, to be still and aware in the body. To be relaxed in the activity and movement, hand in hand with inner strength and self-carriage of our spine, hips and breathe. Open flowing communication without holding tension in our body and mind with clear guidance, at the same feeling the groundedness in our own body.  Then, through the rider’s own awareness of body and mind, we guide, invite, help and learn the horse to find more relaxation, more balance, more strength and self-carriage physically, mentally and emotionally.  We help the horse to be as free in the shoulders as possible, to find the strength and flexibility in the hind legs, to feel flowing space in the spine, to support the relaxation in his ribcage, to relax the jaws and neck. To make soft and smooth transitions without losing the essentials. Always seeking as much as possible the balance, for the rider, horse and the cooperation.

In the riding lessons you will learn:

  • Develop & strengthen your riding communication skills with aware body language.
  • Independent self-carrying seat, posture and balance of the rider.
  • Create a harmonious cooperation and connection
  • Creating balance in the energy of the horse and center the energy of the horse where needed
  • Help the horse to develop a greater balance
  • Making fluent transitions from walk to trot and canter.
  • Body awareness and gymnastics for helping the horse and the partnership into finding more balance and strength together.